Josh Hardy, Senior Vice President Global Marketing at Axway

I had the pleasure of working alongside and leading Josh for nearly 3 years while I was at Axway. Josh joined our digital marketing team and rapidly rose from an individual contributor to a manager of a global multicultural team. It was clear very early that Josh was capable of more and that his personable approach with others made him very effective. He was able to establish a clear strategy and drive execution of positive and measurable results for the business. Josh was always eager to take on more and had a great approach to presenting the business case for success. When Josh joined Axway, we had taken a detour away from PR and were completely focused on inbound digital marketing… over time our approach started to shift back to include some PR and he was happy to guide me and others along that journey. He is a very experienced communicator and really ratcheted up our social media efforts; managing blogs himself, managing a team of writers, and the companywide employee communications platform. There was never once in my time at Axway that I asked Josh to do something that I was met with anything but positive engagement, even if he didn’t fully agree. As an expert in communication he taught me a lot and was able to help me see improvements in my requests that would enable achievement of the desired goals within the financial and resource limitations before us. For me, not having a rich background in PR and social, this was a key to success for us, as too often we tried to do too much without fully understanding what it took to succeed.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Josh. I admired how he interacted and led others and have nothing but confidence in his abilities as a marketing leader. I am confident that Josh will continue to be successful in any and all endeavor he chooses to take on and it is with great conviction that I recommend him to any company lucky enough to have him.