“Josh is an incredible marketing professional! He is very adept at translating the benefits that complex technology provides into product positioning that deeply resonates with customers. I was very impressed with Josh’s ability to operate at both the tactical and strategic level, and across social media and traditional channels, to deliver content based marketing programs that drove increased demand for our products. I’ve enjoyed working with Josh and would welcome the opportunity to work with him in the future.”

Ted Best, VP Product, Wolters Kluwer

“Joshua is a talented, highly intelligent, forward thinking digital marketer. He effectively grasps complex situations quickly and makes an impact.

On top of that, Joshua is a great person. He is graceful when under pressure and he is a wonder teammate!”

Bob Neeser, VP Sales, DesCartes Systems Group

“Josh played a key role in taking our social media to the next level at the Harlem Globetrotters. He is a great communicator and knowledgeable in many facets of social media. He could accomplish projects in a fast and effective manner with a strong quality of workmanship.”

Eric Nemeth, Senior Director of Publicity, Harlem Globetrotters

“Josh brought energy, passion, and a whole lot of knowledge to a newly created position at which he had a ton of success. He served as a catalyst for our social media growth.”

Kurt Schneider, CEO, 4D Brands

“Joshua helped Beachhead plan and launch its first humanitarian relief mission in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. His consistent and reliable manner, French language skills, flexibility and hard work in difficult environments, made him invaluable and a pleasure to toil with. Josh was also able to help me better understand social media platform potentials and then help me put them all together in a way beneficial to the business. I hope to hire him again.”

Gerry Kiley, CEO, Promethean Solutions

“Josh Molina is like a smart-bomb when it comes to social media. He always hits the target, with no extra collateral damage. He’s thoughtful and intelligent. Also, he has an innate sense of what people will respond to.”

Michelle Donaldson, News Director, KOBTV

“Josh is an expert in Social Media. I have the pleasure of working with him and when you need something done he will go the extra mile to get it done. Josh is a fun and outgoing guy and is a true asset to our team and our social media marketing projects and overall program is being propelled forward with his insightful analytics.

Furthermore, I have worked on several projects with Josh and his input always astounds me. He thinks through implications of projects completely. He is also very creative and great at finding alternate solutions to any challenges.”

Leonard Rhone, Digital Marketing Manager, Basic American Foods

“Josh demonstrates a true dedication to our clients and their members. He has proven his knowledge and understanding of social media strategies, tactics, and measurements. Joshua has a true passion for analytics and how they should be used to propel our team forward.”

Tara Jones, Social Media, RiverPoint Solutions

“Not only does he come up with great ideas, but also always has a well thought out plan on how to execute, then he delivers. Understanding the ways consumers interact with various social media platforms is only one of Josh’s many strengths.”

Dylan Richter, Strategy and Operations, DoorDash

“Joshua is a true go-getter, motivated to get the job done well and on time. He’ll put in the extra hours without complaint and then make sure you’re satisfied. I highly recommend Josh. He exceeds expectations.”

Emily Probst Miller, Producer, CNN

“Josh is a great marketing mind. He is an excellent planner and thinks long term when it comes to marketing strategy. As a bilingual thinker, Josh adds a unique Hispanic perspective to his recommendations as well.”

Eric Diaz, CFO, Oye Business Intelligence

“Josh is hard working, smart, focused, and invariably a pleasure to work with. I have precisely no reservations about recommending him for whatever position or team he aims to be a part of, because if he sets his sights on it, then you know he’ll do a great job.”

Austin M. Craig, Head Of Marketing, Mainframe

“I have known Josh for years. He is a hard working and dedicated individual. He is a good leader who knows how to handle problems effectively and work with different personalities. He also does a great job of listening to various ideas and is open to implementing those ideas if it leads to a better final product.”

Marco Villarreal, Morning Anchor, WVLT Tampa Florida

“Josh is an excellent communicator. He is able to transform ideas into effective messaging. I value his vision and creative insights. Josh is at home with social/online, and more traditional marketing landscapes. Working with Josh has been a great experience and I fully recommend him for is competence, quality of work, and character.”

Mareo McCracken, Head of Sales & Marketing, MoveMedical

I had the pleasure of working alongside and leading Josh for nearly 3 years while I was at Axway. Josh joined our digital marketing team and rapidly rose from an individual contributor to a manager of a global multicultural team. It was clear very early that Josh was capable of more and that his personable approach with others made him very effective. He was able to establish a clear strategy and drive execution of positive and measurable results for the business. Josh was always eager to take on more and had a great approach to presenting the business case for success. When Josh joined Axway, we had taken a detour away from PR and were completely focused on inbound digital marketing… over time our approach started to shift back to include some PR and he was happy to guide me and others along that journey. He is a very experienced communicator and really ratcheted up our social media efforts; managing blogs himself, managing a team of writers, and the companywide employee communications platform. There was never once in my time at Axway that I asked Josh to do something that I was met with anything but positive engagement, even if he didn’t fully agree. As an expert in communication he taught me a lot and was able to help me see improvements in my requests that would enable achievement of the desired goals within the financial and resource limitations before us. For me, not having a rich background in PR and social, this was a key to success for us, as too often we tried to do too much without fully understanding what it took to succeed.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Josh. I admired how he interacted and led others and have nothing but confidence in his abilities as a marketing leader. I am confident that Josh will continue to be successful in any and all endeavor he chooses to take on and it is with great conviction that I recommend him to any company lucky enough to have him.

Josh Hardy, Senior Vice President Global Marketing at Axway

I had the pleasure to hire Josh in my team and he demonstrated a solid experience in driving some strong content marketing growth. He rapidly took over a team dedicated to blog, social media and press activities and he executed a solid strategy that increased Axway blogs’ traffic and social engagement significantly. I had a great time working with Josh, he consistently kept a positive attitude and committed to success.

Stephane Castellani, VP Marketing, Global Funnel Performance at Axway

Josh rolls up his sleeves and gets stuff done. Capable of driving marketing and communication transformation. I had the fortune of working with Josh on re-crafting the Axway voice, message, and outcomes. He had a 10x impact in terms of our reach and community engagement. If you need communication transformation, Josh is the guy.

Vince Padua, Axway CTIO

I had the pleasure to be hired by Josh and join his content marketing team where he managed me directly for a year. He recognized the value of SEO early on and helped me implement a successful content strategy across various blogs. Josh is goal-driven and focused on results. He is able to identify critical gaps in any digital content strategy and propose solutions to drive forward digital projects and campaigns. His support and hands-on approach are invaluable to any team or company.

Andreea Ștefan, SEO Specialist, Planable

For a lot of engineering focused companies, content creation is a vital and under-addressed. Especially important are creating engineering focused blogs and content. Josh was incredibly helpful to me and my team in getting content out with minimal burden on us. I greatly appreciate what he contributed to engineering content and showcasing the great work we do in Engineering. I’m a bit jealous that he’s going to do the same great work for someone else.

Amy want, Engineering manager, Kong

I had the pleasure of working with Josh at Kong. Josh and I worked together on key marketing activities and content to support strategic partnerships at Kong. Josh is super collaborative and is willing to go above and beyond to deliver high quality content to the business.

eric gandhi, head of technology partners, kong

Josh has a wealth of knowledge and strategy for driving content production and success. He understands the need for SEO, personas, journeys, and what type of content resonates with each audience. I highly recommend Josh if you’re looking to grow your business.

kevin chow, digital marketing director, kong

Josh is a highly motivated content professional who is easy to work with, able to plan and execute content strategies with limited direction, and who excels at driving collaboration across high performing teams.

Aaron QayumI, Sr. Product Marketing Manger, Reltio

As a content leader, Josh is able to create calm in a sea of chaos. Growth brings a set of inputs that are often unfocused and equally urgent, and to have a guiding vision from Josh allows me to generate and review content that is aligned to what we are trying to achieve. I appreciate being able to work with Josh and to reap the rewards of our partnership.

Doug Chamberlain, Principal Product marketing Manager, solo.io

Josh’s deep understanding of content strategy and SEO has been instrumental in driving our content strategy and the overall success of our website. He has a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement and implementing effective strategies that have led to increased traffic and engagement. His ability to analyze data and provide actionable insights has been invaluable in making informed decisions about our digital marketing initiatives.

Josh is an excellent communicator. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and provide guidance to his colleagues. His positive attitude and collaborative approach have been instrumental in creating a strong team culture, which has resulted in higher productivity and better outcomes.

Dragos Bogdan, Sr. Director, Digital and Growth Marketing – Kong